3 Prizes for Playing Online Crane Game

online claw machine

Youngblood loves to play games on their smartphone. The App Store and Google Play Store are all providing cool online games. One of the cool games is this online crane game. It is the online version of a claw machine, the famous arcade game you can find in amusement parks and shopping malls.

Just like the offline version of the crane game, this online game also offers wonderful prizes. However, players must first win the game before getting the prizes. If players play but don’t win the game, they won’t be able to get the prizes they desire.

Prizes to Win from Online Crane Game

What prizes will you get from playing the online version of the claw machine game? Some categories of the prize will be available, such as food, toys, anime figures, soft toys, and electronics. All of those prizes are available in Japan. If you want to get them, play the game from anywhere you are.

And if you win the game, the game developer is about to ship the prize to your place directly from Japan. Below is some cool stuff you can get by winning the online claw machine game.

Win a camera from an online crane game

The first electronic stuff you can get by winning the online claw machine game is a waterproof camera. This waterproof camera will come with a standing arm. This prize is worth $30 but you can win it for free if you play the game with a premium ticket. What if you don’t have the premium ticket anymore?

Then you need to spend only $1 to start playing. If you win, you are about to get this waterproof camera for only $1.

Mini cooling box for a canned drink

The next electronic stuff to win after getting the waterproof camera is the mini cooler box. This cooler box will be yours if you can win the online crane game with a premium ticket or by spending $1. The original price of this limited edition product is $50. But you don’t have to spend that much to win this stuff.

Wireless earphone

Another awesome prize to win by playing this online claw machine game is a wireless earphone. Its original price is $40 but players of this game can win the earphone for free or $1. Just like the previous prizes, this one is a limited edition prize. Get it fast!

An online crane game is the best way to win amazing prizes without spending much money. Simply get the game, start playing, and you will get the prize you desire for free or for $1.

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