Awesome Prizes from Japan Claw Machine App

Crane games have been everyone’s favorite game for years. And today, Japan Claw Machine brings it to your phone. There is a unique claw machine app you can find on Play Store and App Store. Get the app, enjoy the game, and win amazing prizes that will be shipped directly from Japan to the UK.

This app has a small size and won’t bother your smartphone’s performance. After installing the game, new players deserve premium tickets they can use to play the crane games for free. Use the tickets wisely and try to win all the exclusive Japanese gifts.

Win Electronic Gifts By Playing Japan Claw Machine

Japan Claw Machine is going to give you free electronic products by winning the crane game. One excellent gift you can win by playing this Japan Claw Machine game is a waterproof video camera along with the stand arm. The original price of this gift is USD 30 but you don’t need to pay that much.

Another electronic gift offered by Japan Claw Machine for anyone who can win the challenge is a USB charging mini cool box. This box allows you to keep your 350 ml can cool so you can enjoy it during your summer trip. The original price of this incredible gift is USD 50.

And finally, there is a USD 40 limited edition wireless earphone for you if you can win the crane game. All those prizes will be yours by winning in the claw machine app. Japan Claw Machine will ship the prizes you won directly to your home in the United Kingdom.

Soft Toys for Japan Claw Machine Winners

Japan Claw Machine also has cute prizes for players who love to play the game. You can get each prize for USD 1 only if you can win the challenge and complete the mission. The first gift will be Poteusa Roppy dolls. The doll’s original price is USD 20. Play the game and you can get it at a lower price.

Then there is Snoopy soft toy that comes in two colors, brown and black. If you love Snoopy so much, you need to keep playing to win both Snoopy dolls. Each Snoopy doll’s original price is USD 30. By paying USD 1 to play the crane machine, you can win the doll for free.

Anime Figurines To Reward Japan Claw Machine Players

Japan Claw Machine offers so many anime figurines since Japan is always identical with manga and anime. One example of excellent anime prize from Japan Claw Machine is the Deku figure from My Hero Academia The Movie. This is a USD 40 limited edition prize you need to win.

And there is also a Rem figure from the Re: Zero anime. This prize is even more expensive that the first anime gift above. But you can get this USD 60 prize by only spending a dollar to play the game and win the challenge.

Japan Claw Machine will give you various prizes you can choose before moving the crane. Here are some extraordinary prizes that have been prepared by the most famous claw machine app. Make sure you play the game until you win all the exclusive prizes.

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