Claw Machine Game Online Canada: An Exciting Game You Must Try


Some games are full of fighting that those who play it will feel frustrated during and after playing them because they cannot beat the enemy. However, other games are more entertaining because they are easy but challenging to play. If you prefer the latter, you must try Claw Machine Game Online Canada.

Playing this game will not cause you to feel frustrated because it is fun. The claw machine game is free from enemies and shootings so that you don’t need to think hard in finding the best strategy to win the game. And the good thing about it is that this mobile game will give real prizes to the winners.

Online claw machine canada

How to Play Claw Machine Game Online Canada

This claw machine game offers an interesting game experience for the gamers. When you play it, you are controlling a real claw machine in Canada. As a result, you will get real prizes. If you want to experience this fun, you must know how to play Claw Machine Game Online Canada.

  1. Download and Install the Claw Machine Game 

First, you need to download and install the app of the claw machine game. This app is compatible with both iPhone and Android mobile phone. Therefore, you can download the app on App Store or Google Play.

  1. Select the Prizes

Once the app is installed on your mobile phone, open the app and start playing the claw machine by selecting the prize. You can find numerous prizes in various categories, such as electronics, foods, soft toys, and toys.

The prizes listed in this app are expensive and have excellent quality. Some of them are official merchandise of certain characters. Meanwhile, others are collectible items that are available on limited edition.

If you don’t like collecting toys, electronics and food are your best choices. These prizes are very functional and useful so that you will get some advantages. 

  1. Play the Claw Machine Game

Next, you need to play the claw machine game. Control the crane accordingly so that you can win the game and get the real prize. This app has several choices of claw machines to play. Therefore, you have the option to play the easiest claw machine.

  1. Wait for the Prizes to Arrive

In this last step, the winners need to wait for the prize to arrive at their home. The claw machine developer sends the prizes via a trusted and experienced shipping company so that your prize will arrive in one piece. 

online claw machine step

If you want to give the prize you win as a present to your friend, you can contact the app representative and give your friend’s address to him. The app developer offers international shipping service so that you can send the prize anywhere in the world.

It also means that gamers from any country in this world can play this game. They will still receive the prize they win since the app developer ships the merchandise internationally.

To play the claw machine game, you must remember to prepare some money to pay the game ticket. The price of this ticket is much more affordable than the real price of the merchandise.

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