Claw Machine Game Online for Pui Pui Molcar Fans

claw machine

Do your kids love watching Pui Pui Molcar? The series is about guinea pigs that become cars. Those cars will make everyone relax. If you want to get exclusive Pui Pui Molcar plush toys for your kids, start playing the claw machine game online now and win those plush toys.

The online claw machine game allows you to play the crane game at home. Since the app is installed on your mobile phone, you can play it much more easily than playing it at shopping malls or amusement parks. Though it is an online game, the prize you win is a real prize.

Play Claw Machine And Win Choco

Choco is a female character in the Pui Pui Molcar series. This brown-colored car character has blue and yellow tires and two flower accessories just above the ears (side mirrors). Choco is a graceful and pleasant car but is also powerful.

Moreover, Choco loves beautiful things and wants to keep her eyes on the fashion. Her dream is to become the number one luxurious Molcar. If this character is your little daughter’s favorite, keep playing the Claw Plus online game until you win Choco plush toy as your reward.

Potato Reward from The Claw Machine Game Online

The main male character in the Pui Pui Molcar series is Potato. This molcar has light orange and white color. he also has yellow and pink wheels, light pink windows, and brown ears. Potato is one of many easy-going molcars. Although he is known as Potato, he loves carrots.

Since Potato is the main character of the series, your little ones would be happy to have a Potato plush toy. This means you need to keep playing the Claw Plus online claw machine game until you win this Potato plush toy. And then you will make your little one happy with this prize.

Win Abbey Plush Toy from Claw Machine

Abbey is another male character from the Pui Pui Molcar series. He has a cream and white color on his body with dark brown and orange wheels. His ears are dark brown and his windows are blue. This unique molcar is based on the Abyssinian Guinea Pig.

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