Claw Machine Game Online Singapore and Its 2 Modes

claw machine game online Singapore

When you visit amusement parks or shopping malls, you may see a game center where there are some claw machine games. Those claw machines are just the same. The only thing that makes them different is the prize inside. But claw machine game online Singapore is better than those claw machines.

This online claw machine game is available for all Singaporean. Even though the claw machine center is in Japan, everyone in Singapore can get the app and play the game at their home. And there are many game modes you can choose from when playing this online claw machine.

Cool Game Modes to Play

The game maker wants to make sure that anyone who plays this crane game won’t get bored. They add five different game modes to one game. This way, you don’t have to download five different types of claw machine game online Singapore. Get one app that will give you five cool games at once.

The five game modes inside this online claw machine game have different difficulty levels. Before you start playing the online crane game at home, research each gameplay so that you’ll be able to plan the best strategies to win the game.

Bridge-style claw machine game online Singapore

This is a cool game mode to play when accessing the claw machine app. When you start this game, there will be a classic claw machine with prizes lining on a board. And then, next to the board, there are some rods blocking the chute. You still have to move the claw and grab the prize with the claw.

And then you should drop the prize you want between the bars or rods. If the prize goes down passing the rods, you will win the prize. The game maker is going to ship the prize you won to your home in Singapore. The shipment will be through EMS or DHL.

Hang, Hook, Shake game mode

The next game mode you will find in this claw machine game online Singapore is the hang and hook and shakes mode. You should use the claw to hook the pink thing on each prize instead of clawing directly on the prize. And then you need to bring the prize into the chute.

To drop the prize, you must shake the claw and release the pink hook and then drop the prize to the chute.


This claw machine game online Singapore is a unique game that won’t let you feel bored. Play the two most famous game modes and you will know how fun this game is.

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