Feel the Thrill of Online Claw Machine Win Real Prizes

Still can’t get enough challenges of winning claw machines? Playing online claw machine win real prizes from your phone is currently possible. Just download it either from Google Playstore or App Store and you will have opportunity to beat the claw machines anytime you want.

What are you waiting for? Download it right away and you can get 5 premium tickers for limited offer. Having premium tickets gives you many benefits when playing with online claw machine. With premium tickets in your hand, you can play any machine for free. 

5 Types of Claw Machines to Beat 

Playing with online claw machine will give you never ending excitement as it comes with 5 different types of claw machines. You can train your arcade skill by trying to win on each machine and get real and interesting prizes from it. Here are types of claw machines to find in this game. 

  1. Bridge Style

Clawing the prizes will be more challenging when you need to drop it perfectly between rods. The bridge style machine will train your clawing skill since you need to hold the claw and direct it to the perfect spot in the machine and drop it there. 

  1. Ping-Pong Ball 

Want to challenge yourself more? Play with Ping-Pong ball with claw machine to get great prize. Take the ball and drop it through the slide to make sure you put as many as possible into colored holes provided in the bottom of the slide. Then, you will be the winner of playing this machine.

  1. Treasure Hunt

Looking a treasure using claw machine is possible by playing with treasure hunt. Operate the machine by picking up the chain connected to the prize to win this game. It can be truly exciting and fun as you need to pick the right chain among many chains available in the box. 

  1. Hang & Hook & Shake 

Want to get cute doll from the claw machine? Train your hands to hook the prize in the claw machine and get the prize. Hang & Hook & Shook is a claw machine that you can play through your device. Just hook the ping ring to take the doll prize and shake it at the corner to win the game. 

  1. Bounded Machine

There is also bounded machine that will give you chance to win the game by taking the prize and slip it through the rubber bands. It will be thrilling to slip it properly so that you bring home the prize. 

Play Online Claw Machine Win Real Prizes Unlimitedly

Once you download this online claw machine in your device, you are able to continuously practice and improve the skill. Try 5 different types of claw machine anytime you want and soon you will become a true champion of this game. 

No matter where you are living, even though you are in Canada or other places, you deserve to get this unlimited free plays. More than 10 million people already win the prizes so far

It is your turn now to play online claw machine win real prizes without the need to go to the arcade. 

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