Get Rare Collections by Winning One Piece Anime Claw Machine

One Piece Claw Machine

One piece anime claw machine who want to enjoy thrilling game with one piece characters. You will never get bored playing with this claw app because it comes with numerous machines to pick. Most importantly, it offers you with plenty of exclusive one piece merchandise waiting for you to win.

This claw machine game is worth-playing because you are able to get licensed official one piece figurines that you cannot find anywhere else. Hence, if you are a fan of one piece anime, this claw machine is the right option to enrich your one piece characters collection.

How to Play One Piece Anime Claw Machine

Playing this claw machine is completely easy. It just needs a few steps and you can win the prizes offered. This also becomes the reason why people like to play with this game app. You can follow these following steps to play the game

  • Select Prizes

The first step to do is actually selecting the prize you want to win. After choose the prize, it will direct you to the specific game you should play with.

  • Play the Game

Since this game app has a plenty of one piece claw machine. Each game has different ways of playing and requires different strategies to win. Some games need you to catch the prizes with the claw while some others require you to hold the prizes and slide it through particular spot in the machine.

  • Win the Prizes

Do as best as you can based on each machine direction to win the prize of specific claw machine you play. This is the only way to get the prizes.

  • Get the Prizes Shipped

If you successfully get the prizes, you just need to wait its arrival to your doorstep. It is because the prizes directly shipped from Japan using DHL or EMS.

Unique Prizes to Win

All the prizes offered by this one piece claw machine are exclusive but fortunately you can claim those rarely official anime merchandise only by paying as low as $1 for each game. There are a lot of unique figurines you can choose to win.

For instance, there are one piece stampede glitter and glamour with Nami Character and Nico Robin Wanokuni Style. There is also One Piece Grandista with Roronoa Zoro character. If you like smaller figurines, you can choose to win One Piece Q Posket Petit Girl Festival.

One Piece anime claw machine is a great game to encourage your competitive gameplay as it intuitive to win and offers numerous limited-editions prizes.

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