Industry Trends in the Philippines to Consider when Applying New Work Model

Industry trends in the Philippines are significantly affected by the COVID-19 outbreak. Due to this condition, a new change in the business emerges to make sure it can run well. However, many companies and industries need to consider the employees’ safety as well so that they don’t be infected by the virus. 

Taking into account the delta variant as well as the lockdown system currently applied in the Philippines. Different players in the industries need to anticipate and must be ready to adapt to a new trend in the market. YCP Solidiance proposes several trends that the Philippines should look forward to the next year. 

Offsite infrastructure belongs to industry trends in the Philippines

The change of workspace is one of the biggest things during the pandemic. The current trends come with a shift from the traditional working set-ups into more flexible ones to make sure employees are safe from the COVID-19 spread. 

It means the current concept is particularly different from the full-time office spaces. That’s why companies have to invest more for the proper infrastructure as well as tools for the employees that can support remote working. 

Since employees need to work from home, companies make sure every employee has good network coverage, internet connection speed, and sufficient devices that allow them to work as effectively as when they work in the office. 

Offsite infrastructure belongs to an important consideration because most all activities nowadays are managed from home. Providing appropriate infrastructure for remote working helps to make sure business productivity. 

Change in Employer-Employee Relationship

The appearance of a new work model requires companies and industries to revisit their employer and employee relationship. Terms and conditions of standard contracts need to be refreshed and decide by considering the current condition. 

As both parties have less opportunity to meet in person, they have to use another platform to keep in touch. A specific platform that can facilitate open communication between employer and employee is required. Doing so helps the relationship between employer and employee remains good and effective.

Not just that, the working process which includes work attendance as well as health insurance for the employees requires further evaluation. Does company need to implement hybrid work so that employees have a chance to return to the office?

If so, proper schedule of employees’ check-in needs to be made so that not all of them are present at the same time. 

Digital Exclusion

At the present, businesses come into the trend of digitalizing operations. Looking into this condition, vital considerations need to take to ensure the sustainability and inclusion of the parties of businesses. With the digitalization in the business sector, there will be a gap that appears in the future. 

It likely happens when the consumers don’t own any technological devices to follow the digital services. Industries need to eliminate such kinds of barriers by making sure that their products or services are available for each person. So, they have to know the condition and trends among consumers. Industry trends in the Philippines require several considerations before applying a new work model. It helps them not only to survive but also to maintain the productivity of the industries.

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