Play Claw Machine Game Online United Kingdom and Win Real Prizes from Japan

Claw machines in UK arcade game centers are entertaining to play. Unfortunately, not everyone has time to go to the arcade. Meanwhile, others are too shy to visit the arcade because they feel too old for it. Thankfully, there is Claw Machine Game Online United Kingdom for them.

It is the online version of the arcade claw machine. Despite being the simulation version, the online Claw Machine UK can deliver an entertaining gaming experience. Moreover, winning this game is as satisfying as winning the arcade claw machine because it sends real prizes to winners.

What can Gamers Win from Claw Machine Game Online United Kingdom?

Many choices of prizes are available in this Claw Machine Game Online. All prizes in this game are uniquely Japanese. Gamers can choose one of them each time they play this game. Moreover, they can send the prize they win to their address or their loved one’s address as a gift.

Currently, there are five prize categories available. Each category consists of three choices of prizes. What are they?

  • Anime: This prize category includes anime figures and other anime merchandise.
  • Soft Toys: The soft toy category has wonderful gifts for those who love plush toys. Some prizes included in this category are cartoon character pillows and stuffed cartoon characters.
  • Electronics: The Claw Machine Game Online United Kingdom has cool electronic devices for winners. It includes a mini cool box, wireless earphones, and a video camera.
  • Toys: The toy category consists of uniquely Japanese toys.
  • Food: Gamers who love Japanese snacks can choose to win these snacks in the food category.

Five Claw Machine Types in the Online Claw Machine UK

The online Claw Machine Game UK offers five claw machine types. These claw machines have attractive gameplay. In addition, the graphic of these claw machines is much better than other online claw machine games because the online Claw Machine Game UK has real-like claw machines.

Below are the names of these five claw machines:

  • Ping Pong Ball: Gamers can win the prize if they drop the ball in the colored hole.
  • Treasure Hunt: Gamers should find the chain with a prize attached to it to beat this machine.
  • Bridge Style: To win this game, gamers must drop the prize between rods.
  • Bounded Machine: Gamers will win the prize if they can slip it between rubber bands.
  • Hang & Hook & Shake: To beat this machine, gamers must hook the pink ring.

The online claw machine game UK is one of the best claw machine games available in the app stores. It is entertaining and rewarding to play. Moreover, it has many claw machines and prizes so gamers will not be bored playing it. Download this Claw Machine Game Online and enjoy the fun.