Pokémon Claw Machine for Blue Pokémon Fans

pokemon claw machine

Everybody knows Pokémon. So many cute pocket monsters with unique abilities are famous characters. Now, there is a Pokémon claw machine game you can play online. This game is going to let you get various exclusive Pokémon prizes from Japan. Ready to play?

Before you start playing the online crane game, you need to know why you should consider this game. The online crane game allows you to play a claw machine from your mobile phone. When you win, the Pokémon merchandise you won will be shipped to your home.

Totodile Plush Toy from Online Crane Game

There are so many plush toys offered by the online crane game. One of them is the Totodile plush toy inspired by Pokémon number 158. Totodile is a water Pokémon that can evolve to Croconaw and Feraligatr. Though Totodile is a small Pokémon, it has very powerful jaws.

pokemon claw machine

This water Pokémon has a light blue body and pink fins. The Totodile plush toy you will get from winning the online Pokémon claw game has the same appearance as the real Totodile. Choose this Totodile plush toy before you play and win the prize after playing.

Play Pokémon Claw Machine To Win Shinx

The online crane game also lets you win another blue-colored plush toy inspired by Pokémon number 403. Shinx is an electric Pokémon, just like Pikachu. If you are collecting electric Pokémon merchandise, your Pikachu plush toy will befriend with Shinx plush toy.

Shinx has a blue and black body, with yellow eyes, ears, and tail. This Pokémon will generate electricity simply by contracting its muscles. If you want to get this exclusive Shinx plush toy, the only way to get it is by playing the Pokémon claw game and winning this exclusive prize from Japan.

Cute Pokémon Game with Wooper Prize

The third blue-colored Pokémon you want to get by playing the online crane game is Wooper plush toy. Wooper is a water and ground Pokémon that lives in cold water. This Pokémon is going to leave the water when it is searching for food when the weather outside is cold.

Wooper can evolve and become Quagsire. If you want to complete your blue Pokémon collection, you need to win Wooper after getting Totodile and Shinx.

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