Real Prize Claw Machine App Canada: a Challenging but Rewarding Mobile Claw Machine

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Amusement arcades in Canada are full of great games. Among them, the claw machine is one of the most popular. Due to the popularity of this game, some app developers create claw machine apps. However, to enjoy a real gaming experience, it is best to play the real prize claw machine app.

This app is different from other claw machine apps and offers some great things for the users. Therefore, users will gain an enjoyable gaming experience from this app.

The Real Prize Claw Machine App is not a Mere Simulator

This real prize claw crane app is a mobile game app. It is not a mere simulator. A claw machine simulator app is generally just like a common video game. However, the real prize claw crane app is like the real one in the arcade since it offers real prizes. 

This particular app also has a more attractive display. When users play this mobile game, they will find a video of a real claw machine. They can control this machine remotely via the buttons on this app. If they are able to claw the prize successfully, they can get the prize shipped.

Users have a freedom in deciding where the prize will be sent. Those who want to collect the item must ship it to their home address. Meanwhile, those who want to give it to their friend or family must ship it to his or her address.

Five Real Claw Machines to Play

The real claw crane app has several claw machines and users may choose to play whichever they like. One of them is the Ping Pong Ball. When playing this machine, users must claw a ping-pong ball and drop it into a colored hole in order to get the prize.

Another claw machine available in this machine is the Bounded Machine. To win the prize from this machine, users must claw the prize and try to slip it between the rubber bands. 

The users of this app will find three other claw machines to play. All of them are exciting to play and offer different challenges. Therefore, users can have an ultimate fun every time they play the claw machine on this app.

Real and Valuable Prizes

Playing this real claw machine mobile game is not only exciting, but it is also rewarding. The app offers various prizes and the users may choose the prize they want to win before playing the game. All of them are valuable prizes.

Users will find out that many of them are expensive and available in limited editions. Some of these prizes are anime figurines, wireless earphones, big soft toys, and remote control cars. 

They are uniquely Japanese. These prizes are perfect for a personal collection and a gift for the loved ones. Those who want to win other than collectibles can try to win food prizes, such as ramen and Japanese snacks.

The real prize claw machine app is exciting to play and yet easy to win. Numerous users have won multiple prizes because they are able to win the rewards every time they play it. Try now and get the prizes.

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