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The covid-19 pandemic has limited Singaporeans mobility. In consequence, claw machine enthusiasts of this country cannot visit the arcades freely. Fortunately, there is a real prize claw machine app for Singaporeans to play.

Thanks to this app, they don’t need to visit the amusement arcades to play the claw machine. This mobile game also offers more comforts because the app users can play it while sitting or lying on their favorite sofas. 

What is a Real Prize Claw Machine App Like?

This real claw machine app is not a new app in Google Play Store and App Store. It has been available for some time and numerous cell phone users have downloaded it. Most of them are still playing this claw machine game until now.

Japan Claw Machine Prize

What is the real prize crane machine app like?

  • It Gives Real Prizes for the Winners

As the name suggests, the real prize crane machine app gives real prizes to those who can beat the claw machine in the app.

The prizes in this online claw machine are available in a number of choices. App users have the freedom to select the prize they want.

Moreover, the app developer provides shipping services to all Singapore regions. Therefore, when a player wins the claw machine prize, the developer will ship the prize immediately to his address. 

  • It is a Live Claw Machine Game

The claw machine app has different graphics from other mobile games since it features a live video of a claw machine that is being played by the app users.

Therefore, playing this online arcade game allows them to control a real claw machine located in an amusement arcade.

  • It is More Convenient to Play 

Playing this claw machine app is more convenient than playing the ones in the amusement arcade. This app allows its users to play it at home and other places anytime.

Moreover, users don’t need to spend money on transportation since they don’t need to go to the arcade.

Real Prizes Offered by the Claw Machine App

This particular app has many different claw machines to play. They don’t only have different gameplay, but they also have different themes, such as Dragon Ball claw machine, Pokemon claw machine, One Piece Claw Machine, and Disney/Pixar claw machine.

A claw machine with a different theme offers different prizes from the others. For example, a Disney/Pixar claw machine offers original Disney collectibles.

Moreover, each different machine offers many choices of real prizes. Some real prizes that are offered by this app are:

  • Plush Toys

App users can win various plush toys, such as Pokemon soft toys, Snoopy soft toys, and Tom and Jerry soft toys. They can also win pillows and beanbags with cartoon designs on them.

  • Figurines

Many claw machine players love getting figurines as the game prizes because they make a great collection. This app offers various cartoon and anime figurines, such as One Piece characters and Dragon Ball Characters.

  • Electronic Devices

This real prize claw machine app offers functional items as prizes, for example, electronic devices. Some electronic devices available in this game are curling irons, toasters, and Robo cleaners.

Aside from the prizes above, the claw machine app also offers bags, snacks, tumblers, watches, and sandals. Considering those cool prizes, Singaporeans must try this claw machine app.

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