Tips for Getting Authentic Dragon Ball figures

Dragon ball z claw machine

Who isn’t familiar with Dragon Ball? This anime has existed for more than three decades and many fans of this anime are trying to get the action figures. The Dragon Ball figures are one of the popular collectible merchandise. The fans always try to get authentic figures to collect.

However, it is not easy to get authentic merchandise from Dragon Ball. You should know which website provides the authentic figures and it is only available from Japan. Get to know how to get the figures easily without going to Japan.

How to Get Dragon Ball Figures

Visit the claw machine website

The first thing to do is visit a claw machine website. You can visit Clawtopia because it offers many prizes for Dragon Ball figures. You can choose the best websites like Clawtopia to play the game of claw machine.

Download the game

You can download the game and install it on your gadget. The website doesn’t provide the game. It will ease you to play because the interface on the app is better than you see on the website.

Buy the token

After that, you have to buy the token to play. The price per token is only $1. After that, you can play the game. If you fail to win the game, you have to buy another token to get the Dragon Ball figures until you get the character you want.

Choose the category

The category can be different, and you have to choose the Dragon Ball category. This category is available in Claw Plus. There are many limited and authentic action figures of Dragon Ball available here. You can choose according to the character of Dragon Ball you want.

Tips to Win The Claw Machine Game

The first thing to have to do is specify the character of Dragon Ball you want to get. In the tube of the tank on the screen, the characters are mixed into one. Your character might not be in the best position to catch. However, other characters are also limited edition.

Don’t hurry when you decide to press the button to take the figures. The game doesn’t give you a time limitation. You have much time to decide which figures you can take. The position of the claw is a great factor to win this game.

Dragon ball figures are the most collectible by fans because it has many types. Getting the limited edition will add to your collection. Try to lay a claw machine and win the game to get the authentic figures of Dragon Ball.

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