Transformations to Vietnam Sustainable Cities

Vietnam sustainable cities

Vietnam is one country in Southeast Asia with the fastest growing economies. The country’s urbanisation also has the most rapid rates in the region. The city’s expansion comes with unique challenges and opportunities to ensure the growth of Vietnam sustainable cities.

Creating smart, green cities allows the country to ensure the growth of the economy and to sidestep the rapid urbanisation’s environmental pitfalls that are seen anywhere else. The Vietnamese government is working to help make the dream come true.

Transforming Vietnam Sustainable Cities

As the country is pushing for national scale digital transformation, the development of smart cities is actually a digitalization process in every urban area or city. The cities are start to use technologies in order to address various social issues that emerged during the process of urbanization.

Digital transformation in Vietnam has a goal to improve the living standards of people who live in the cities that pursue the smart city model. The other goals of digital transformation include ensuring urban management that is effective and protecting the environment.

Digital transformation will also enhance economic competitiveness, maintain public order, and provide public services that are convenient.

Vietnam Sustainable Cities and Electric Vehicles

Vietnam’s major cities like Ho Chi Minch and Hanoi City are gridlocked with a lot of motorbikes on sideways, streets, and alleys. This increased congestion and pollution. Because of this problem, the country becomes the world’s 15th most polluted country.

Electro automobiles that meet the smart city concepts’ criteria become a solution that is needed by Vietnam’s government. The rising fuel prices place electric vehicles in Vietnam in a good position in the market. Unfortunately, the rising electricity prices challenges the opportunity.

VinGroup released VinFast that manufactures the first ever electric vehicles in the country. VinFast sold up to 50,000 electric motorbikes in 2019 and will sell many more in the upcoming years.

Approach to Green Revolution in Vietnam

Green city is a city that minimizes the use of recourse and pollution. Green city also uses the latest technology in order to provide the best place for people and environment to live. The government of Vietnam has made smart cities and green cities the top priority in the development plans.

The government has launched the development plan and indicators for urban green growth as well as smart city strategy. More than 30 cities including Danang, Hoi Chi Minh City, and Hanoi have made the steps to become smart and green cities.

Green cities use smart grids and meters to allow households to monitor the electricity consumption and to make sure that the appliances are turned off when they are not in use.

Developing Vietnam Sustainable Cities

Green cities are the key for sustainable cities. There are various things that are involved in developing green cities, including the better use of energy to reduce pollution and also the development of electrical transport and smart traffic management systems.

Vietnam’s governments are working on sustainable cities around the country. About 30 cities in the country are now adopting the smart cities and green cities concepts in order to transform to sustainable cities.

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