Indonesia Consumer Trends 2021 That Dominate Consumer Market

Covid19 pandemic undeniably decrease economic growth in all countries including Indonesia. But the vaccination has covered almost all parts of region, brings optimism toward economy recovery. It seems that the pandemic has changed the Indonesia consumer trends 2021 as well. 

Population in Indonesia is the highest in Southeast Asian countries. It is not surprising if the consumer market in this country offers various business opportunities. During pandemic, Indonesian need to commit mobility restrictions. It leads companies to determine strategies that meet with this restriction. 

Change of Consumer Behavior

The best way to keep consumers get their needs fulfilled is by optimizing technology. Thus, most companies decide to go digitalization so they can sell their products to consumers easily via online. Apparently, it will change the consumer behavior permanently. 

In the future, the digital transaction will keeps improving because more people in Indonesia utilize technology to purchase any products or service. The technology advancement definitely makes transaction easier and faster. Market Research Indonesia can help companies on this matter. 

Most Popular Products of Indonesia consumer trends 2021

During pandemic, the mobility restrictions surely get people difficult to go anywhere just for shopping. It leads the companies providing service online to keep consumer’s necessities fulfilled without going to the site directly. Indonesia consumer trends in 2021 include several popular products and services. 

Health and Hygiene Products

According to consulting firm indonesia since the covid19 virus outbreak, Indonesian consumers tend to have urgency on health and hygiene. They realize that hygiene and health become the key to prevent the virus spread. It increases the demand for health and hygiene products significantly.

Healthy lifestyle makes people more interested in products such as supplements, vitamins, masks, hand sanitizers. Because they pay more attention to health and cleanliness due to the presence of covid19. The industry players find those hygiene and health products as great business opportunity.

Various Digital Entertainment 

Mobility restriction tend to make people bored for staying at home for too long. To keep them happy, they need to spend some money on digital entertainment. The digital entertainment products reduce boredom during pandemic. 

Digital entertainment products include online games, digital media, streaming services, interactive entertainment, movies, social media, and music application. Some entertainment industries might require Indonesia firm consulting to improve accessibility and service. 

E-commerce and Food Delivery Services

The consumer trends 2021 in Indonesia include food delivery services and e-commerce. These platforms dominate the consumer base in this country. Even before the covid19 pandemic happens, ecommerce and food deliver services already gain popularity in Indonesia. 

These platforms grow drastically during pandemic. It indicates that Indonesian feel comfortable to purchase products via online. E-commerce adaptation rises due to demographic condition of Indonesian citizen who tends to tech savvy and active in social media. 

Even for grocery shopping, Indonesian citizen starts to do it via application. With this new lifestyle, industries emphasize on digitalization to get more customers. The digitalization certainly increases operational system and consumer interactions. 

Actually, the significant change of consumer lifestyle encourages business players to go digitalization. It opens new business opportunity for platform website and application developers in launching application for online shopping to fulfill consumer needs. Indonesian citizens easily adapt to technological based services for shopping or entertainment. Indonesia consumer trends 2021 tend to focus on entertainment, e-commerce, hygiene and health products.

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