2 Types of Clawtopia: Best Play Online Claw Machine in United States


About 227 million citizens of the US love playing games. If you’re an American and you love playing online games, then you need to consider playing Clawtopia: best play online claw machine in United States. It is an online claw machine game you can play on your Android devices or iPhones.

If you think you’re a master of the classic claw machines in your country, then you have to try playing the online version. This online version comes from Japan with real machines in that country. When you play the game in the United States, you’re actually playing the real claw machine in Japan.

Clawtopia: Best Play Online Claw Machine in United States

When entering a game center, you will likely find some different claw machines with different prizes. Each player is free to choose which machine to play with. And then, you can start playing and win real prizes. The online claw machine game also has the same concepts as the classic ones.

Five different machines are available to choose from. Each claw machine in Clawtopia will give you different challenges and difficulty levels. Below are some examples of claw machines you’re about to face.

  • Bounded machine

The output hole of this bounded machine has rubber bands. Move the claw or the UFO and then grab the prize you want. Bring the UFO or claw to the output hole and then drop the prize. If the prize can clip through all rubber bands blocking the hole, you’ll get the prize.

The next step to do is to wait for the developer of this online claw machine app to ship the amazing prize to your home in the United States.

  • Hang & hook & shake

Clawtopia also has another excellent claw machine. In this machine, the prize you want to win will have a pink ring above it. Your mission in this claw machine is to move the claw and hook that pink ring on the prize. Bring the prize to the output hole and then shake the claw to release your prize.

This is a very unique claw machine you may never find in any other claw machine, both classic or online. Try to win prizes from this awesome machine and other machines.

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