3 Ways French-Speaking Call Center Connect to Customers

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Doing business in other continents is a dream of many companies. If you also want to expand your business to Europe, especially France, make sure that you know some common behaviors of French consumers and hire French-speaking call center agents who can deal with them.

French consumers love interesting services, especially ones that are related to travel, digital, and culture. The economy in this country is growing and diversifying since consumers have an increasing interest in various sectors like electronics, entertainment, culture, telecoms, automobile, and so on.

What to Know Before Hiring French-Speaking Call Center

French customers love online shopping. Some most famous shopping sites in the country are eBay and Amazon. About 15 million customers are shopping from Amazon each month. This means French people rely on online stores and will likely need more support from your call center agents.

It is essential to know about French consumers so that your call center agents can help them with everything they need and want. Below are some details about French customers you need to know before hiring call center France agents.

  • Negotiations

Negotiation is a very common thing in business. However, you need to know that negotiating with French consumers can be totally different from negotiating with American customers or other customers around the world.

You will need a plan and a goal before negotiating with French customers. It is important to navigate each step of your negotiation process with the plan you have prepared.

  • Intellect and logic

Doing business with many French customers will easily become an intellectual exercise. When discussions start, your French customers will dominate the discussions by logic. And sometimes, your French customers can also take a probing nature.

Prepare your call center France agents with basic answers so that you can answer all questions that may come up. The answers you share with French customers must also convince them to do something like purchasing your products or using your services.

  • Offer quality products

French customers are price-oriented. However, they don’t want to compromise on quality. This means they are willing to spend more money as long as they can get quality products. For example, French customers prefer foods with higher health benefits though they are more expensive.

This is a wonderful opportunity to provide greater quality products. As long as you can show them that your products are better than your competitors’, French customers will choose yours.


Your outbound and inbound French-speaking call center agents must learn everything about French customers. That’s how they can sell more and win French customers’ hearts.

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