3 Pikachu Prizes from Pikachu Claw Machine

Japan is full of fun. There are so many games you can find in Japan. If you cannot go to Japan right now, you can still play some awesome online games that come from Japan, like the Pikachu claw machine from Japan Claw Machine. It can be played on your iPhone or Android smartphone.

The Japan Claw Machine works just like the original crane game. But this is the online version so you can play at home and the prize will be shipped from Japan to your home in Canada. A lot of Pokemon stuff is offered as prizes in this game. You can get each prize for only a dollar.

Pikachu Prizes You Can Get from JCM

The most famous character in Pokemon is Pikachu, an electric type of Pokemon. But do you know that Pikachu is not the basic Pokemon? Before being Pikachu, it was just a small sized Pichu that is a tiny mouse. Fortunately, you can get both Pichu and Pikachu prizes by playing the JCM.

1. Pichu eco bag

If you keep playing the Japan Claw Machine, you can get a chance to win this Pichu eco bag. This eco bag comes in a soft pink color with white Pichu name written on the corner of the bag. And you will see a picture of Pichu and its pale yellow color on the bag.

Pokemon eco bag is an exclusive prize provided by the Japan Claw Machine. This means you cannot buy this bag anywhere else, except by playing the online crane game. Do your best and make sure you can win the Pichu eco bag. If you win it, you can move to another prize.

2. Pikachu eco bag

The Pichu eco bag is not the only prize you can get by playing the Pikachu claw machine. If you really want to collect all the Pikachu stuff from the Japan Claw Machine, you need to play the game again until you win the Pikachu eco bag.

Pikachu is the evolution of Pichu. It has brighter yellow color, less black color on the ears, and pinker spots on their cheeks. The Pikachu eco bag has a yellow background color and Pikachu name written on the corner of the bag. It also has a smiling Pikachu picture you don’t want to miss.

3. Various Pikachu prizes from Japan Claw Machine

Eco bags are not the only prizes you can get by playing the Japan Claw Machine. This game still has so many prizes you can get by winning the game. For example, there is a yellow Pikachu watch, Pokemon bath towel with Pikachu on it, and a Pokemon pouch that has the shape of Pikachu’s face.

If you keep playing the online crane game, you can also win some other Pikachu prizes such as Pikachu plush slippers and Pikachu daily flip calendar. Imagine how yellow your room will be with all the Pikachu stuff you win from the Japan Claw Machine.

The size of this Pikachu claw machine game is not so big so that you don’t have to worry about your smartphone’s performance.

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