3 Toys Offered by Claw Machine Game Online

Japan is a heaven for anime lovers and toy lovers. So many famous manufacturers are providing quality toys in Japan. If you consider yourself a toy collector, you should get quality toys from Japan. The good news is you can get some toys by playing the Japan claw machine game online.

Japan Claw Machine is an online arcade game that is available to download for free from Play Store and App Store. This game is like the classic crane game but in an online version. You play through your smartphone and win the prize from the real machine that is situated in Japan.

Unique Toys You’ll Get from Japan Claw Machine

Japan Claw Machine offers real prizes for its players. foods, anime figurines, soft toys, electronics, and toys are some prizes you can get simply by playing this online game. If you are interested in completing your toy collection, here are some toys you can win from the Japan Claw Machine.

1. Bonsai miniature capsule toy

Japanese capsule toys are a famous vending machine you can find across Japan. But if you cannot go to Japan right now, you can still get one of the original Japanese capsule toys. Just make sure you have downloaded the Japan Claw Machine and choose Gacha bonsai miniature as your prize.

This bonsai miniature is just 55 mm tall. There are various bonsai miniatures you can get by playing Japan Claw Machine. One of them has pink leaves and the other has green leaves. If you are a new Japan Claw Machine player, you will get premium tickets that can be used to get the prize for free.

2. Radio control car

Another prize you will get by playing the Japan claw machine game online is a radio control car. The car is an Audi RS 5 DTM (1859). How can you get this toy by playing the Japan Claw Machine? First, you absolutely need to download the game and install it on your Android or iPhone device.

Then choose a radio control car as your prize. Next step you need to do is playing the game and winning the prize. If you win, Japan Claw Machine will directly ship your prize from Japan to Singapore via EMS or DHL. Just wait until the prize comes and reaches your front door.

3. Peko Chan vending machine toy

Looking for a cute toy for a little girl? This Peko Chan vending machine is a unique miniature toy you can consider. This toy is a mini version of a Japanese vending machine. The height of this ty is 23 cm and it is available in pink and red variations. Pick one of two available versions you want the most.

Then play the claw machine game online until you get the toy as your prize. After winning this vending machine, you can play again and try to win the other toys, soft toys, or many more prizes provided by Japan Claw Machine. No need to leave your house to get original Japanese stuff.

Each play requires USD 1 if all your premium tickets are gone. Make sure you play carefully and try to get all the prizes without spending all your savings.

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