Challenge Yourself with the Claw Machine App Singapore and Win the Prize

claw machine app

Are you bored playing the current games installed in your mobile phones? If you are, you must try the claw machine app. This mobile game is quite popular among the Singaporean gamers now. It is said that the game is a great intermezzo between first person shooter games they are playing.

Singapore is famous for its amusement arcades that are full of fantastic claw machines. However, why do Singaporean gamers love this app?

The Claw Machine App Offers Great Challenges

Gamers love this claw game app because it has five challenging claw machines. The first is the Bridge Style Claw Machine. App users who want to beat this machine must drop the prize between metal rods.

The other claw machine is the Ping Pong Ball. Winning a prize from this machine is a bit challenging. Users must drop the ball into a colored hole to win it.

Another claw machine in this app is the Treasure Hunt. It is as tricky as the former. This claw machine has many chains in it, yellow and black. To win the prize, app users must claw and pull the black chain (the one connected to the prize).

App users may also choose to play the Hang, Hook, and Shake. If they want to beat this game, they must hook the pink ring and drop the prize attached to the ring.

The last claw machine is the Bounded Machine. The drop box has 4 rubber bands attached to it. They form an X and app users must drop the prize between the rubber bands to win.

Unlimited Free Games

This app has various features and one of the gamers’ favorite features is the Unlimited Free Games. This feature allows users to practice playing the claw machines as many times as they want. Therefore, those who have difficulty in winning the prize will be able to hone their skill.

Once they have a better skill in playing the claw machine, they can play the real game. Similar to the arcade claw machine, the claw machine game app requires users to have game tickets to play the real game. The price of the tickets is very affordable, especially compared to the expensive prizes.

Real Prizes for the Winners

When app users play the real game and are able to beat the machine, they will get real prizes that they have chosen beforehand. These prizes will be shipped to their address. However, app users may also address them for friends or loved ones.

The choices of the prizes are not limited to stuffed animals. App users who want to get edible prizes may choose cup noodles and several choices of Japanese snacks. Meanwhile, those who love to collect anime merchandise can choose to win anime figurines and anime storage boxes.

USB charging boxes, video cameras, remote control cars, and wireless earphones are also available in this app. All of the prizes available in this claw game app are high quality merchandise and originated from Japan.

Aside from the three reasons above, the number of the claw machine app downloads are increasing because it offers free tickets for new users. Therefore, you must download it now if you want to get this free stuff.


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