Challenge Yourself with Claw Machine One Piece Characters!

one piece claw machine

With new arcades popping up, Japan Claw Machine (JCM) is present to offer Japan’s most popular game: claw machine games to brighten up your day.

JCM lets players enjoy a brand new kind of experience, allowing players to play a real-life claw machine remotely, anytime, and anywhere. 

The Japan-based app will turn your smartphone into a game center, as it is available on the App Store and Google Play.

Start the experience firsthand by selecting the prizes, with a lot of characters available, such as One Piece claw machine figures.

Partnered with the One Piece series, JCM offers exclusive models of One Piece anime characters to help you form an undefeated pirate club.

one piece online claw machine

The available figurines are the main character, Monkey D. Luffy, as well as other crew of pirates, for instance, Tony Tony Chopper (The King Artist), Vinsmoke Sanji (The Grandline Men), Roronoa Zoro, the Glamorous Nico Robin, and Nami. 

In addition, other collectible figures of One Piece’s supporting characters are also available to claim. Moreover, players can get these limited and exclusive characters for only $1 per play.

To make it easier, JCM gives out five premium tickets when the app is downloaded to the player’s phone. The premium ticket, then, allows free playing for any machine. 

The JCM app comes with a user-friendly UI and UX to help beginners get through the playing instructions.

However, if any trouble occurs, you can easily reach the customer satisfaction team that will offer an immediate solution, anytime.

Following the prize selection, players will be directed to play the game to win and get the prizes later.

Just as the claw crane machine, this mobile claw machine allows you to press the button and move the claw to get your targeted prize. Only then, the items will be directly shipped from Japan.

Japan Claw Machine does not limit its shipping destinations. In fact, it provides international shipping to more than 60 countries; thus, your items will be shipped either via DHL or EMS. 

gold d. roger

Once your items are delivered to your hands, as well as in the series, collect them to help the Straw Hat Pirates, the pirates crew assembled by Monkey D. Luffy to make his dream come true, which is to find the topmost One Piece treasure left by the King of Pirates, Gold Roger. 

Besides One Piece, many popular characters such as Ghibli, Dragonball, Pokemon, and Disney are available in JCM. These characters are made in figures, dolls, and plushies. 

Do not waste your time waiting. Download and join the excitement of playing an actual One Piece claw machine on your phone and get the items!

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