Claw Topia – Original Claw Machine Based in Japan

Everyone around the world knows what claw games are. These games allow you to think hard to win the prizes and bring them out of the box. There will be a claw you should move. Use the claw to grab your prize and drop it into the hole. And then this prize will be yours.

The concept is adopted by an online claw machine app. The app allows you to move the claw by using buttons on your smartphone. This online game is connected to the original claw machine based in Japan. When you move the claw on your smartphone, the real claw in Japan moves as well.

Unique Game Modes Are Available

When you go to shopping malls or amusement parks, you will find various types of claw machines. When installing an online claw machine, you will also see many modes or types of claw machines. Each type of claw machine is special. One of them is the bridge-style claw machine.

The hole that allows you to drop the prize you desire is wider than the hole on a classic claw machine. But the bridge-style claw machine has some rods on top of the hole. You need to claw the prize you want and then drop the prize between those rods.

The Most Challenging Claw Games

All claw machines are challenging. But Claw Topia has one of the most challenging game modes you should try. This game mode is known as ping-pong ball mode. To win your prize, you need to claw the yellow balls and then drop them into the colored hole.

There will be a black plate with many holes. If you can drop the ping-pong ball on the yellow-colored hole, you win. And the prize will be shipped directly to your place. You will see your prize in the box, but you need to claw the balls instead of the prize.

The Unusual Treasure Hunt Game Mode

When playing the treasure hunt mode on Claw Topia, you will feel the challenge. The prize you want is inside the box but it is connected to yellow chains and a black chain at its end. But there will be some other similar chains in there.

You have to claw the chains that are connected to the prize to win. If you claw yellow or black chains that aren’t connected to the prize, you need to start over the game.

Which claw games above are the most challenging ones for you? Try every single game mode and you’ll figure out how amazing this game is.

Source: Claw Topia

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