Collect Exclusive Disney Collectibles from Disney Claw Machine

Disney Character Claw Machine

With so many online games available nowadays, the claw machine still has become the best option in arcade games. Not to mention after it comes with specific franchise characters such as the Disney claw machine. It obviously catches the attention of not only arcade lovers but also Disney characters fans. 

Since recently arcade games gain more popularity than ever, some innovations are given to the game. Now, the claw machine comes to life and offers a more comfortable playing experience since it is available on the player’s device. It comes as an application that can be downloaded from App Store or Google Play. 

Discover Disney Characters in this Claw Machine

Here are some interesting facts why Disney characters appear as the main characters in the claw machine games.

  • The popularity of the claw machine gives it an opportunity to partner with both Walt Disney Company and Pixar Animation Studios. 
  • Disney that was founded in 1923, now expands its influence through arcade games, especially claw machines. This makes Disney characters get more spotlight from the world. 
  • Together with Pixar, Disney provides limited-edition official merchandise that cannot be found elsewhere by the claw machine players. 
  • They present famous Disney characters exclusively only for this game. There are a lot of popular characters such as Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Disney princesses, Donald Duck, and Monster Inc.
  • There are innumerable options when it comes to the characters because there will always be about 1,000 new characters coming each week. 
  • To collect the rare Disney and Pixar characters in the game, players only need to spend $1 to play each of the games. 
  • New players that download the app will receive five premium tickets giving them a chance to play any Disney character claw machine for free. 

A Sneak Peak to Disney Claw Machine App

This claw machine app not only presents Disney as its main character but also a simple user interface that is really comfortable for first-time users. It comes with obvious guidelines to show the game instruction so players, especially beginners can play the game without too many problems. 

Begin the challenge by choosing the Disney prizes that attract the attention. Press the ‘play button and start to move the claw in the direction where your preferred item is located. Put down the claw and try to grasp the prize. 

If you successfully win the game and get the prizes, the items will be sent directly from Japan. There is no limitation to the shipping addresses because every player no matter where they are coming from has an opportunity to receive the real prizes from the game. It is due to the support from global shipping. 

Besides Disney characters, players can win other items in Disney themes such as toys, plushies, lunch sets, and cushions. These can be exclusive collections that you can have as other games don’t bring similar offers. 

Don’t miss the chance to collect those exclusive Disney characters by playing the game on your device. Disney claw machines will come to your digital screens and give you a great chance to successfully win each machine like other advanced players who have previously proved the easy gaming experience. 

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