3 Awesome Pokémon Plushies from Pokémon Claw Machine

Kimetsu No Yaiba Figurines

Do you really love Pokémon? Then you need to download the Pokémon claw machine, play to get the entire Pokémon and then place them in your room in Singapore to show your friends how great your Pokémon collection is. Japan Claw Machine has so many Pokémon prizes for real fans like you.

If you have been collecting Pokémon items for years, Japan Claw Machine is the right game for you. This online crane game allows you to collect many more items for your collection. But those items are special since they’re original Pokémon items from Japan.

Pokémon Friends Plushies You Must Get

Japan Claw Machine’s first prizes you need to collect are the plushies. Those plushies are 9 cm long and they will make your Pokémon collection perfect. There are four different plushies you can collect. The first one is the famous normal Pokémon, the Eevee plushie.

And then there is Squirtle plushie. Squirtle is a water Pokémon that is included in the tiny turtle category. Squirtle can evolve and become Wartortle and then evolve again to become Blastoise. But the plushie will not evolve. It can only perfect your collection at home.

Another plushie you can win is the Piplup plushie. Piplup is also a water Pokémon and it is included in a penguin category. If you have been collecting water Pokémon, you’ll want to win both Squirtle and Piplup so they will perfect all water Pokémon items that already sit inside your room.

Cute Big Plushies from Pokémon claw machine

If the 9 cm plushies are not enough to complete your Pokémon items at home, you need to collect the entire three big sized plushies. These plushies are 22 cm tall and they will be perfect for your room. The first big plushie is the Clefairy plushie. Clefairy itself is a fairy Pokémon that can be Clefable.

Then there is Lapras plushie that is also a big plushie. Lapras is a water and ice Pokémon. Lapras doesn’t evolve. It can be a great friend for your Squirtle and Piplup plushies, which are also water Pokémon. Make sure you keep playing to get this big special plushie.

Finally there is Minccino plushie. Minccino is included in the chinchilla category and it is a normal Pokémon. This Pokémon can only evolve into Cinccino. Those three plushies are exclusive plushies you can never buy anywhere else. Play Japan Claw Machine to win them all.

Extra Large Plushie for Real Pokémon Lovers 

If you really love Pokémon, you’ll keep playing though you have won the 9 cm plushies and 22 cm plushies. Now, your mission is to catch this 42 cm Kabigon or Snorlax plushie. This big plush cushion is inspired by the sleeping normal type Pokémon named Snorlax.

Snorlax was an evolution. It evolved from a normal type Pokémon called Munchlax. Interested in getting all the plushies? Keep playing Japan Claw Machine on your smartphone.

Pokémon claw machine is the most recommended game for all Pokémon lovers around the world, especially in Singapore. Japan Claw Machine will ship all Pokémon plushies you win via DHL or EMS to your home in Singapore. But now, you need to get the app first and start winning.

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