Development of Digital Healthcare In Asia And Its Opportunity

Asia is now paving its way for the ecosystems of digital health. The potential orchestrators of the ecosystem will be able to generate value simply by taking strategic and bold actions. Digital healthcare in Asia is a huge opportunity for businesses all around the world.

Asia is ready to face the rapid change in healthcare, thanks to rising expectations of the consumer, shifting demographics, legacy health infrastructure that is limited, and technological innovations. Collectively, those factors will enable almost all elements to reimagine healthcare management.

Digital Healthcare In Asia Is Necessary These Days

One major reason why digital healthcare is necessary in many countries in Asia is the aging population. Asia will become a home to 456 million seniors by 2025. The residents will be at age 65 or older and will represent 10% of Asian population.

This means the aging population will grow up to 14% over 2021. This rapid change in demographic will not only increase the potential demand for various health services but also decrease the manpower supply that is available to deliver care. Digital healthcare will become a huge help for the industry.

Supply constraints is another reason why you need to discuss with a trustworthy Asia healthcare consulting firm about digital healthcare development in Asian countries.

Supply Constraints Affect the Development of Digital Healthcare

Only three countries in Asia have enough supply in the healthcare sector. The other countries in Asia are lacking doctors. The World Health Organization estimates a global shortfall of at least nine million nurses. Physician health infrastructure and investment in hospitals will continue rising.

However, labor intensive and traditional care delivery models will unlikely meet the rising health needs in Asian countries. Digital healthcare sector will be a solution for the supply constraints most countries in Asia are facing today.

Consumer Expectations Are Getting Higher Today

Another reason you need to discuss the digital healthcare sector in Asia with an Asia healthcare consulting firm is the consumer expectations that are rising. Consumers today are ready to spend more on wellness and health which means they want more convenient and affordable care.

Furthermore, consumer research also indicates that many consumers are willing to trade up in safety and health. For example, consumers in China are willing to spend their money on health products from famous brands during the outbreak.


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