Dragon Ball Z Claw Machine: Mobile Game that Send You Dragon Ball Z Figurines

Dragon Ball Z Claw Machine

Do you love collecting Dragon Ball figurines? If you do, you must play Dragon Ball Z Claw Machine by JCM. This claw machine app will send you real prizes in the form of Dragon Ball Z figurines to you. If you are curious about this online game, you need to check these out.

What Dragon Ball Z Claw Machine Has to Offer?

The claw machine has several great things to offer. When you play this game, you will have fun gaming experience that can be very rewarding. In addition, this game also offers:

  1. Rare and Unique Dragon Ball Z Figurines

JCM (Japanese Claw Machine) provides rare and unique Dragon Ball Z figurines to the winners of this game. The mobile game creator has an exclusive merchandising contract with Dragon Ball creator.

This exclusive contract allows JCM to give limited edition figurines to the players of this game. These figurines are only available in this claw machine app. Therefore, playing this game is the only way to get these unique and rare figurines.

  1. A More Affordable Way to Get Dragon Ball Z Figurines

A Dragon Ball Z figurine can cost up to $90. However, if you play this claw machine online game, you will be able to get it for only a dollar because the cost of one play is $1. Therefore, you will be able to get the exclusive figurine at a much more affordable cost.

  1. Choices of Claw Machines

Real prizes are not the only attraction of this game. The claw machine app offers entertaining gaming experience because it has 5 choices of claw machines. As a result, if you are bored with one claw machine, you can challenge yourself with the other four claw machines.

Frequently Asked Questions about this Claw Machine Game

These are some of the frequently asked questions about the Dragon Ball Z claw machine app.

  1. Who Can Play this Game?

Everyone from all around the world can play this game. International shipping service is available in this app so that you don’t need to worry that the unique prize won’t be sent to your door because. So far, JCM has sent over 10 million prizes to gamers in 60 countries.

  1. How to Play this Game?

To play this claw machine, follow the steps below.

  • Install the app on your smartphone.
  • Choose the Dragon Ball Z figurine you want to win.
  • Control the claw to pick and drop the prize.
  • Wait for the Dragon Ball Z figurine delivered to your address.
  1. Does the App Offer Some Free Stuffs?

Yes, it does. The app offers 5 free premium tickets to new players. If you have these tickets, you will have 5 chances to win the unique prizes for free. Moreover, this app also offers unlimited practice games.

The practice games are perfect for you who want to improve your skill in playing the claw machine. It is also suitable for you who want to have fun without getting the real prizes.

The Dragon Ball Z anime claw machine is an entertaining mobile game. You can have fun playing this game and win unique Dragon Ball Z figurines to add your Dragon Ball collection.

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