Pikachu Claw Machine: Play JCM and Catch All the Pokemon

pokemon claw machine

Japanese Claw Machine (JCM) is a claw machine app that offers various prizes to its players. Among them is Pokemon merchandise. 

This Pikachu claw machine offers not just Pokemon soft toys but also other Pokemon-themed merchandise such as plush cushions, slippers, and even daily flip calendars, just to name a few.

About JCM

What is amazing about JCM is that you can play a claw machine remotely. The machines are located at the heart of Japan, while you play it in Singapore.

You play the game over 5.000 kilometers away. When you win a prize, you can have it delivered to your door via DHL or EMS.

JCM is available on both Apple Store and Google Play. Regardless of what your device is, you can play the game and win the prize. 

So far, the app has been downloaded over 31 million times, with a total of 10+ million prizes won. On average, about 1.000 players are playing the game every day.

Available Prizes

JCM offers a wide selection of prizes. For the Pokemon-themed prizes, there are plush cushions, slippers, daily flip calendars, towels, face pouches, wristwatches, keyrings, tote bags, solar figures, eco-bags, and many others.

The original price of these prizes vary but you can win them with as little as $1. This cost applies internationally, regardless of where you are. 

As for the prizes, some of them are exclusive and not for sale. If you love Pokemon, this is an excellent opportunity to win exclusive and limited edition Pokemon merchandise.

How to Play Pikachu Claw Machine

It takes only 4 steps to play the game:

  1. Firstly, select the prize you want. There are so many prizes you can win in this game. As such, you may want to take your time before deciding which prize to win.
  2. Secondly, play the game.
  3. Win the game and get prizes.
  4. Have the prize that you just won shipped from Japan to Singapore. The shipment will be done either via DHL or EMS.


All the prizes in the game are shipped from Japan. If you win a prize, it will be shipped via either DHL or EMS. 

Even if you are in Singapore, which is over 5.000 kilometers away from Japan, you need not be worried about not getting your prize since international shipping is available.

Play for Free with Premium Tickets

JCM gives players premium tickets from time to time. Currently, the app offers new players who just downloaded the game 5 premium tickets, using which they can play at any claw machine free of charge.

Customer Service

The app also has excellent customer service. Players who have difficulty with their target prize will be helped by customer service staff who will reposition the item so it will be easier to win. 

For players who face issues, JCM has 24/7 live chat support for quick solutions.

JCM is a Pikachu claw machine that allows you to win various prizes, including Pokemon-related ones.

The prizes are not limited to soft toys as there are also other merchandise like plush cushions, slippers, daily flip calendars, towels, and even eco-bags. Many of these prizes are exclusive and limited editions.

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